When you are single and want to travel and seek adventures, you will sometimes have to go alone!

Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, was my destination of interest. Each year this small northern town of approximately 1,400 people hosts a Truck Fest that consists of Truck Pulls, Tribute Concerts, Camping grounds and a Beer Tent. This event draws in about 3000 attendees, and I wanted to go.

I had…

Has The Time Come That You Realized its Time to Leave?

They say leaving is “easier said than done” emotionally, yes, but actually, getting gone isn't all that hard, especially if you put a plan in place. I am no expert, just an everyday woman offering advice based on my experiences, The things I did and didn't but wished I had.

Cause Harm to the children, Undue hardship to the residing parent, and denies everyone a family circle.

I watched a documentary titled Abortion: Stories that women tell. I am not here to debate this issue's ethics, but in watching the program, a young woman who was awarded a basketball scholarship and a promising future ahead of her in sports physiotherapy had fallen pregnant. This young woman had…

Accepting a single life is better than living in an unhealthy relationship.

People Always ask the same question, “So, are you seeing anyone?” I respond with disguised agony, “Nope, still single! know of any takers?” with a smile and a wink.

Being single feels lonely and as though you are the only one in the world who is single. Yet, the divorce…

Fat, broke and Single..with a dog

From living with people and surviving toxic relationships to finding myself alone, overweight and broke and now with a dog I am managing to survive.

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